Understand how to send multiple text messages from PC to mobile using Android Bulk SMS Software
05.08.2015 10:13

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Bulk SMS Software

Android Bulk SMS Software provides a complete solution to send SMS from PC using any Android technology based mobile phone device.  Software help to extend your business market, build strong and loyal relationship with customers. Android Bulk Text Messaging Tool is useful to send product promotion news, Alerts, greetings and other personalized SMS in efficient way. Android Bulk Text Messaging Software supports all the Android technology based mobile phone devices such as Samsung, HTC, Acer, LG, Motorola and other manufactures for sending text messages.

Android Text Messaging Tool provides an efficient way to directly communicate with your friends, family member, business partner, client and customers easily. Bulk SMS Application supports all the national and international mobile phone networks. Software does not require any SMS Gateway or internet connection to send text messages worldwide. 


Software Features:

  1. Android SMS Software provides option to save send messages to template.
  2. Bulk SMS Software provides facility to send text messages to individual or list of phone numbers.
  3. Android Text Messaging Program provides advance option to skip duplicate number entries.
  4. Software supports all Unicode languages to sent SMS in any text format.
  5. SMS Software Application provides facility to load contact numbers from file saved in text and excel file format.
  6. Android mobile marketing software provides list wizard option to maintain list of contacts or groups.

Understand How to Send Bulk SMS using Android Mobile Phone

Step 1:

Enable USB Debugging in your Android mobile phone for connecting mobile with your computer.

Step: 2

Connect your PC/Laptop with Android Mobile Phone Device.

Step: 3

To connect you mobile device to computer firstly install device driver according to your mobile in your computer system. Now Run the Bulk SMS Software for Android Mobile on your computer and select the Android Technology Mobile Phone option to connect your Phone with Software.

Step: 4

Now you can enter the recipient number to whom you want to send SMS and click on ADD button. 

Step: 5

Now you can type the message you want to send in the compose message Window. Enter your recipient numbers and you can also compose business messages according to your business need for sending multiple messages. After composing the text message you can click the send button for sending text message. 

Step 6:

Message sent successfully

Step: 7

Now the message is successfully send at recipient mobile phone.

For More Information:

Visit: www.SendGroupSMS.com

Contact: support@sendgroupsms.com

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Bulk SMS Software


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