Tips to Send Unlimited SMS using Lava Android Mobile Phone Device
28.11.2014 10:56

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 Bulk SMS software is easy to use and deliver multiple messages from desktop/laptop through connected cell phone device. Software doesn’t require any internet connection to broadcast SMS regarding job alerts, meeting reminder, notification, greeting, discount offers, advertisement and many more. This program is compatible with all commonly used Android, GSM and Windows technology based device to deliver text messages within less amount of time. SMS software provides option to instant forward text messages at specific time interval with help of delay delivery features. You can easily load contact number from text or excel files saved in your PC. Mobile number can also be add or paste manually in easiest way. Messaging software allow users to broadcast hundred even thousands of text messages at any worldwide location. This program is useful for all small to large business organization to advertise business product and service among targeted audience through sending bulk SMS.

In this following post, we are explaining about how to send bulk SMS using Lava Android cell phone device.

There are following steps to describe SMS sending process with Lave Android Mobile device

Step 1:

At first enbale USB debugging mode in your cell phone device.


enbale usb debugging

Step 2:

Intsall PC suit for your mobile phone device.

pc suit

Step 3:

Now connect your cell phone device to PC using USB cable.

connect pc to mobile

Step 4:

Install and Run DRPU bulk SMS software on your PC. Select Mobile device technology through which you want to send SMS. Click on Android technology based device and follow some simple steps.

bulk sm software

Step 5:

On next steps, you will see mobile connection wizard that is displaying connected mobile phone device with following details including Com port, manufacturer, model no, version etc. Select Com port according to device. If you find difficulty in sending of SMS then you can use Advance troubleshooting option of software. Click on Use select device to send SMS.

mobile connection wizard

Step 6:

Now enter recipient mobile phone number and click on add button. You can easily import contact number from text or excel files.  Type your messages in compose box and apply to all or selected list items. You can use delay delivery option to forward multiple SMS at specific time interval. Click on send button.

bulk sms wizard

Step 7:

Now your message is in sending process and sent successfully.

message sending

Step 6:

Here you cans see your text message is received at recipient mobile phone device.


For More Details:

Contact DRPU Software Team

Website: www.SendGroupSMS.com

Email: Support@SendGroupSMS.com

                                Click Here to Get Free Trial Version of DRPU Bulk SMS Software

free download bulk sms software


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