How to use MTNL USB modem to send SMS with DRPU Software?
16.10.2014 16:54

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DRPU Software is easy to use and reliable SMS service which is used to send multiple text messages from PC through connected mobile phone device. This software include various enhanced features to broadcast SMS regarding news, job alerts, meeting reminder, notification, product promotion, seasonal greeting and many more within less time. Messaging program compatible with all Android, GSM and Windows technology based device, USB modem to easily deliver SMS from desktop/laptop to group of mobile phone users. With help of software, you can easily send messages contain Unicode (non-English) character. Bulk SMS software is available with excel plug-in features to directly send unique and personalized text messages to each contact from excel files. This software automatically removes duplicate contact number entries while sending bulk messages. No need of internet connection to send SMS at any national or international mobile phone network. Software allows users to connect your cell phone device to PC and send thousands of text messages to list of contact number within few mouse clicks. 


Here we are describing some few steps about how to send SMS using MTNL USB modem with DRPU software.

Step 1:

Connect your MTNL USB mode with any desktop/laptop


Step 2:

Install device driver in your computer system


Step 3:

Run DRPU Bulk SMS software and select your GSM technology based device as per your requirement.


Step 4:

Go to next option. Select Com port that display connected device details including Com port, Manufacturer, modem number etc. If you find difficulty in sending SMS,. You can use PDU SMS sending mode. Check Use selected device to send SMS.


Step 5:

Enter recipient number and click on add button. You can use import and composing option to load phone number from excel files and send unique or personalized messages to every contact using excel. Type your message that you want to send and click on apply this message to list items.  You can also use delay delivery function to control and customized load of sending text messages. Now click on send button.


Step 6:

Message sending is in under process. Message sent successfully.


Step 7:

Now your message is received on recipient mobiles as you can see here.

received sms

For More Details:

Contact DRPU Software Team

Website: www.SendGroupSMS.com

Email: Support@SendGroupSMS.com

Click Here to Download Free Trial Version of DRPU Bulk SMS Software

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