How to generate business by sending bulk SMS using DRPU Bulk SMS Software
19.02.2015 17:53

Generate Business by sending Bulk SMS

Install DRPU Bulk SMS Software for sending Group Messages

DRPU Bulk SMS Software

Business product and marketing plays an important role in increasing and boosting up your Product sales. SMS marketing can act as a potential tool to generate business leads to sale your products and services in international market at ease. Group messaging helps in informing general public about merits and uses of your Products. Several Companies make use of Bulk Messaging software that can meet all their Messaging requirements for product Advertisement.

DRPU Bulk SMS Software

DRPU Bulk SMS Software for Business Promotion is capable of sending thousands of text messages without any internet connection. Software is compatible with all USB Supported GSM, Windows and Android Smartphone for sending short text messages to them. Software provides options to send separate or dynamic text messages to your entire Mobile contact list using Excel sheet. Software also provides Delay Delivery Feature that helps in sending text messages to all of your selected Contact numbers at ease with without any network overload.

Group Messaging application

How to generate business by sending bulk SMS using Android Smartphone:-

DRPU Software supports all types of Windows, GSM and Android Phone for sending Group messages to your Business List. Here, we are using Lava Android Device for Demonstration purposes only.

  • Install DRPU Bulk SMS Software in your computer and laptop for sending product promotional text messages to your Business clients and customers using your Android Smartphone.
Download DRPU Bulk SMS Software
  • Firstly, user has to unable USB Debugging Mode in their Smartphone by selecting

           Main Menu -> Settings -> Developer options -> USB Debugging option

  • Now connect your mobile phone with your PC using Data Cable for establishing Connection between your Android Device and Computer.
Connect your Mobile Phone wih PC
  • Now Run DRPU Bulk SMS Software that provides options to Connect GSM, Android and Windows Technology based Mobile phone with your Computer. Select Android Technology Based Mobile Phone for connecting your LAVA Android Device.
Sleect your Working Mode
  • Now Your Device needs to get an Authorization for sending Bulk Messages for your Mobile device. Select Use Selected Device to Send SMS option on software screen for using your Current device to broadcast product promotions texts from your Mobile phone.
Authorize your Andriod Device
  • Business Owners and sales manager can now compose text messages as per their Product requirement. Add all your Contact number to whom you want to send Bulk messages and send messages to them in single click.
Compose your Text message
  • Your message has been received successfully on recipient Mobile phone.
Received Message

How to generate business by sending bulk SMS using Android Smartphone

For More details, Contact US:

Website: www.SendGroupSMS.com

Email: Support@SendGroupSMS.com


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