How to create ID cards for visitors and export all visitors records in excel file format
20.10.2016 16:30

In various organizations, Visitor ID Gate Pass Maker Software provides facility to create ID cards and gate pass for visitors with photo and all required details. Visitor ID card designing software facilitates to save all visitor records to database for future usage and manage your visitor’s records. Visitor gate pass software inbuilt Mail settings to send designed ID cards to single or multiple email IDs. Visitor gate pass ID card maker & visitors management software provides advance feature to export visitor’s records in excel file format with all attributes. Visitor ID card creator application facilitates to add picture using Camera option or browse from computer system while designing visitors ID cards. Visitor gate pass software provides advance printing settings to print designed ID cards and gate pass using all types of printers.

Salient features of Visitor ID Gate Pass Maker Software:

  • Provide simple and user-friendly environment to easily operate by any technical skills or knowledge.
  • Software is compatible with all latest versions of Windows operating system.
  • Facilitate to design visitor ID card with one or two sided (Front and Back side) as per need.
  • Design ID cards and gate pass using different designing objects including text, line, ellipse, rectangle, barcode, watermark, symbols, signature, picture etc.
  • Provide facility to specify card background using Solid color, Gradient, Image, Fill style settings.
  • Facilitate to copy current design of ID card to the other side of the card.
  • Software provides Image Cropping Tool to crop image for visitor gate pass and ID cards.
  • Allow user to export designed visitor ID card as Image (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF), as PDF, as Template.
  • Facilitate to easily search entire visitors records according to Name, Company Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Visitor Number, Date Range etc.
  • Provide facility to design visitor ID cards in different shapes including rectangle, rounded rectangle and ellipse.

Process to create ID cards for visitors and export visitors records in excel file using Visitor ID Gate Pass Maker Software

Step 1: Download and install Visitor ID Gate Pass Software on Windows PC or Laptop to design visitors ID cards and manage their records.

Download Visitor ID Gate Pass Software

Step 2: Run DPRU Visitor ID Card Maker & Gate Pass Software, select template category and choose any one sample for ID card. Specify card size and press OK button.

Step 3: Fill all required details which you want to show on ID card. Click on “Browse” button to browse path of saved photo or you can capture picture of visitor using Camera option. Click on “Add Visitor details to DB” button to save visitor details to database for future reference. You can use drawing tools to add text, barcode, signature, watermark, image library, symbols and other designing objects on card.

Step 4: Go to “Visitor Records” menu and click on “Show Visitors Records” option to view all visitor’s records. To export visitors records in excel file format, click on “Export in Excel” option and save excel file at specified location. You can also view particular visitor details by double clicking on visitor record in list as shown.

Step 5: Wizard shows your selected visitor details. Software facilitates to export visitor details as Image and as PDF file format and also send visitor details at specified email address.

Step 6: Go to Standard Toolbar and click on Print option for printing designed ID cards as per required manner using different types of printers.

Download Visitor ID Gate Pass Software

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